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13 Rocking Chairs for a Living Room (Top Picks)

After a busy day, the living room is the place to find comfort. Besides painting the walls in calming colors, you can have pretty flower vases. The scent often has a soothing effect. Plus, fresh flowers are good to look at.

You can also fetch white candles for enhanced aesthetics. Lastly, investing in a living room rocking chair can help you find higher levels of relaxation. If you love books, you’ll be having a comfy place you can read from. If you want to watch your favorite program or movie, the rocker will be waiting for you.

Several pretty lounge chairs can make for an excellent indoor conversation place. Plus, they can be the perfect place to soothe your little one. With that in mind, the following are 13 must-have rocking living room chairs.

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GTQuality Massage Recliner Heated Chair

This overstuffed rocker is made for the modern living room. Considering the superb comfort it'll offer, the price tag is pretty fair and also compares well with similar modern rocking chairs.

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Best 10  Living Room Rocking Chairs: Side-By-Side Comparison

Saulsberry Fabric Rocking Chair

Best Budget Living Room Rocker

+A simplistic yet beautiful lounge chair with padded armrests and tufted backrest.
+Comprises a curved back and padded cushions for the best rocking experience.

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GT Quality Massage Recliner Heated Chair

Editor’s Choice/Best Living Room Rocker

+A modern-styled rocker chair with heat and massage features
+Rocks, reclines, and swivels

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KGOPK Accent Rocking Chair

Best Accent Piece

+A pretty chair featuring unique patchwork making it a perfect accent piece
+Generously sized firm rocker chair with soft padding and sturdy metal frame

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UKa-CHaka Child Wooden Rocking Chair

Best Kids Rocker

+Excellent fabric upholstered rocker for kids aged 0-12
+Sits on the ground in order to provide a safe place to grow and play

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Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker Chair

Best Double rocker

+Sturdy extra wide chair upholstered in woven super-breathable fabric
+Great piece for rocking with twin newborns or older kids

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Rocking Chair with Ornamental Headrest

Best Handcrafted Rocker

+Purely handcrafted chair made from solid Indian wood that can hold up to 300 pounds
+Comprises super comfy, supportive back slats, seat, and armrests.

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Comhoma Massage Rocker with Drink Holders

Great for a Modern Living Room  

+Generously sized plush sofa that rocks, reclines, and swivels.
+Features an elegant design and includes heat with massage features, side pockets for storage, and two drinks holders.

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JOMEED Oversized Massage Rocking Recliner Chair
Best Oversized Living Room Rocking Chair

+Vibration massage features with heating
+Durable, stain-resistant PU leather upholstery
+Swivels, reclines, and rocks

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BELLEZE Modern Accent Rocking Lounge Chair

Best Mid-Century Living Room Rocking Chair

+Ergonomic design
+Includes wood rails for stability
+Soft, durable fabric upholstery

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ACME Furniture 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair

Best Wooden Living Room Rocking Chair

+Cabriole front legs
+Floral fabric upholstery
+French provincial style

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Choosing the Best Living Room Rocking Chair: Factors & Criteria

The best living room rocking chairs often have specific attributes. In this section we explore factors to consider in order to make a memorable buying decision.

Support and Comfort

The best rocking chairs for the living room will provide a calming effect. Support and comfort are the main determinants of the level of relaxation you’ll find in your rocker chair. Generally, wood pieces are more supportive. You can add a throw pillow for extra comfort. If you opt for upholstered padded rockers, go for a firm but a soft one.

Weight Limit

If you aren’t keen on the maximum weight a rocker can hold, you might have to buy several dedicated pieces. So, make sure to select a heavy-duty chair. It’ll be helpful even when hosting visitors. If it’s a kid’s rocker, your baby will grow with it.

Type of Upholstery

Different living room rocking chairs feature different upholstery. You’ll want to be careful to avoid sacrificing comfort for aesthetics. Go for that chair upholstered in easy-to-clean, durable, breathable fabric. Generally speaking, polyester and PU leather can make great options.

In-Depth Living Room Rocking Chairs Reviews

The truth is the living room rocking chairs space is saturated already. Nonetheless, we managed to find decent pieces worth your money. Here are the results of our deep dive into the world of lounge room rocking chairs.

Best Budget Living Room Rocking Chair: Saulsberry Fabric Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.5/5

Stand out Features

  • Easy-to-clean polyester upholstery
  • Comfy curved backrest
  • Solid birch wood frame

Pros and Cons


  • Pretty simplistic design
  • Padded armrest
  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Soft padded seat cushions


  • Lacks throw cushions

This wingback rocking chair features a simplistic design, with a button-tufted back. Coupled with soft polyester fabric upholstery, this will be your favorite lounge room chair. Besides, cleaning the fabric is easy—soapy water and a piece of cloth will be enough. So, it can be ideal if you’ve kids around and require a living room rocking chair.

The carefully cut and curved arch will deliver the quietest smooth back-and-forth motion.  Meanwhile, the padded armrest will provide adequate support when reading a book or taking snacks. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a limited 90-days warranty.

GTQuality Massage Recliner Heated Chair (Editor’s Choice)

Star rating: 4.5/5

Stand out Features

  • 8 massage points
  • 2 lumbar heating points
  • Pull-ring reclining control

Pros and Cons


  • Rocks, reclines, and swivels
  • Classy design
  • Overstaffed seat, back, and armrests
  • Durable, breathable leather


  • Not pre-assembled

This living room rocker features a modern design, complete with breathable leather upholstery. Its overstuffed seat, arm, and backrest will provide a place to calm down at the end of the day. If you don’t want to rock, you can swivel all through a 360-degree angle. It also reclines so you can nap if you like.

Lastly, it comprises excellent heat and massage features. Therefore, they can be helpful if you’re looking for a way to relieve body aches.  Even better, with the eight massage points and two heating points, you’ve got the freedom to choose how you want to enjoy your leisure time.

Best Living Room Accent Rocking Chair: KGOPK Accent Rocking Chair

Star rating: 5.0/5

Stand out Features

  • Beautiful slicing design
  • Metal frame
  • Sturdy wood runners
  • Super supportive curved high back

Pros and Cons


  • Generous size
  • Blends with many backgrounds
  • Padded rocker
  • Stable, durable construction


  • Assembly required

The beautiful slicing design makes this rocker an excellent centerpiece. Further, it can combine with most backgrounds and themes. Therefore, you can get it then create a unique focal point in your living room.

The tall curved backrest is also spacious, and so is the seat. Therefore, you’ll have enough space to rock.  Additionally, comfort is assured. The seat comprises a thick but soft sponge beneath the fabric patchwork, which will reckon you to keep rocking.

Furthermore, the accent chair comprises a metal frame and solid wood legs, indicating a stable rocker that will also last long.

Best Kids Living Room Rocking Chair: UKa-CHaka Child Wooden Rocking Chair

Star rating: 5/5

Stand out Features

  • Multi-function rocker chair
  • Smooth edges

Pros and Cons


  • Soft, easy-to-clean fabric upholstery
  • Solid wood frame
  • Smooth rocking motion


  • Lacks color variety

Since kids grow up very fast, you’ll want a rocking chair that they can grow with. That’s precisely what you’ll get from the UKa-CHaka Child Rocker. Made to last, this generously sized rocker comprises durable, easy-to-clean fabric upholstery. The frame is made of quality wood, and the edges are also smooth. In addition, the chair sits on the ground. Therefore, it’ll provide a safe place for your child to play and grow.

It’s also a multi-function piece. Aside from using it as a comfy padded rocker, it can be a rocking bed, a toddler’s rocker, or a rocking cradle. So, it’ll stimulate your baby’s imagination as they try to figure out how they can have fun to the max.

Best double Living Room Rocking Chair: Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker Chair

Star rating: 4.3/5

Stand out Features

  • 1.5 times wider than other rockers
  • Sturdy espresso-colored legs
  • Detachable runners

Pros and Cons


  • Firm seat and backrest
  • Solid wood frame
  • Sturdy construction


  • Doesn’t glide

Here’s a perfect living room rocking chair for you if you’re expecting twins or reading a story to the grandkids. Thanks to its firmness and extra-wide design. It’s also a superb choice if you want something you and your loved one can snuggle on.

The solid wood frame and runners will allow you to enjoy smooth, whisper-quiet rocking motions. The woven fabric upholstery means free circulation. So, you and your partner will be free from the discomfort that comes with excessive warmth.

Best Handcrafted Living Room Rocking Chair: Rocking Chair with Ornamental Headrest

Star rating: 4.4/5

Stand out Features

  • Ornamental headrest
  • Comfy, supportive wooded back slats
  • Made from solid Indian wood

Pros and Cons


  • Generous size
  • Heavy-duty rocker
  • Blends with different decor
  • Easy-maintenance seat


  • Lacks color variety

Ever wondered why some people are hooked on handcrafted furniture? If you weren’t aware, handmade items are often durable, unique, and beautiful. So, if you’ve not joined the bandwagon, here’s a good-looking rocking chair for the living room or dining room you can consider.

Aside from aesthetics, the rocker features solid Indian wood. So, it’s stable and durable. A fine finish ensures surfaces and edges are smooth. So, you’ll enjoy this chair with and without pillows.

Best Faux Leather Living Room Rocking Chair: Comhoma Massage Rocker with Drink Holders

Star rating: 4.5/5

Stand out Features

  • Includes cup-holders
  • Massage with heat features
  • Convenient storage pockets
  • Full chaise seating

Pros and Cons


  • Rocks, reclines (151 degrees), and swivels (360 degrees)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Overstaffed seat, back, and armrests
  • Features a modern design


  • Lacks zero-gravity feature

This living room rocking chair comes with tons of benefits. First, its ergonomic design will deliver premium comfort. Second, it rocks and effortlessly swivels through a complete 360-degree. Third, it’s not a glider but fully reclines and features full chaise seating.

Fourth, it comes with two drink holders. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy a beverage without having to hold the drink. Further, the massage and heating feature includes 4 vibration modes to help relieve aches and general exhaustion.

This stunning living room rocker is overstuffed. Plus, it features a push-back mechanism. Therefore, changing the angle of recline is easy.

Best Oversized Living Room Rocking Chair: JOMEED Oversized Massage Rocking Recliner Chair

Star rating: 4.8/5

Stand out Features

  • Two side pockets
  • Vibration massage features with heating
  • Two round cup-holders

Pros and Cons


  • Durable, stain-resistant PU leather upholstery
  • Firm and soft sponge filling
  • Swivels, reclines, and rocks
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn’t glide

If you love luxurious living room furniture, this living room rocker from JOMEED is an ideal choice. The sofa assumes a modern design, including a plush seat cushion, overstaffed back, arms, and footrest. The soft but firm sponge filling is neatly hidden beneath high-quality ultra-thick PU leather. In fact, it’s easy to mistake it for a high-end piece.

But it is a pretty affordable lounge chair with impressive features including different vibration massage and heat options, convenient cup holders, and storage pockets on either side of the rocker chair. In addition, it reclines and also swivels.

Best Mid-Century Living Room Rocking Chair: BELLEZE Modern Accent Rocking Lounge Chair

Star rating: 4.8/5

Stand out Features

  • Mid-century modern design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Includes wood rails for stability

Pros and Cons


  • Soft, durable fabric upholstery
  • Solid wood frame
  • Holds up to 300 pounds


  • Lacks lumbar support cushion

Uniquely, this rocker chair features a blend of mid-century and modern styles. But, the chair lacks throw cushions—nonetheless, it’s ergonomically designed to put you in a relaxed mood within seconds. So, grab it and pair it with an ottoman stool.

The high back, padded seat cushion, and armrests will add to the comfort. Further, it’s not designed for the living room only. You can also get it for your bedroom. Since it can support up to 300 pounds, you’re sure it’ll hold up well whenever you need to take a rocking nap.

Best Wooden Living Room Rocking Chair: ACME Furniture 59390 Sharan Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.4/5

Stand out Features

  • Cabriole front legs
  • Floral fabric upholstery
  • French provincial style

Pros and Cons


  • Firm seat and backrest
  • Rubberwood construction
  • Comprises a supportive apron between the legs


  • Assembly required

This is the right choice for you if you’re hunting for a simplistic old-fashioned, yet pretty design. The cabriole front leg design was widespread across Europe in the 18th century. It’s a beautiful style that will add a taste of sophistication and elegance to your space.

More charm comes with the floral fabric upholstery. Further, the frame is made from solid Rubberwood. A supportive apron runs between the legs making the chair relatively stable. Lastly, you can rely on the firm seat and relatively high back for endless super comfy rocking motions.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Living Room Rocking Chair for You

The ideal chair for you must satisfy your relaxation needs and wants. Additionally, the right selection should complement your style. Here’s what to consider when looking for a perfect rocker chair for you.

Type of Rocker Chair

The first step to finding an ideal living room rocking chair is understanding the type of rocker you want. Different rockers have different functionalities and designs. Some popular rockers in the market you can choose include traditional rocking chairs, glider rockers, spring rocking chairs, swivel gliders. While at it, make sure to choose a seat that resonates with your décor.


Although you’ll be looking for a rocking chair for the living room, the purpose really matters. When hunting for a lounging  piece, the size, ease of use, and firmness are the critical factors.

After all, you want adequate space to relax, a piece that you can easily adjust the recline angle and, a firm one for maximum comfort. Similarly, if you want a massage rocker in your living room, look out for the heating features to relieve body aches.

Locking Mechanism

This one goes to all parents with little children. It’s an essential factor to select a living room rocker chair with a locking mechanism due to safety reasons. Whenever you aren’t around, a locked chair can’t move. So, you’ll be confident that your little explorer is safe to play and explore around the living room.

Ease of Maintenance

Regardless of the upholstery material used, go for that easy-to-clean piece. Also, a stain-resistant rocker chair or microfiber rocker is an excellent option. It’ll save resources like time and money since you can easily keep it in good shape without setting a budget for that.

Other Suggestions

If you loved what we featured in our write-up but are looking for something different, this section is for you.

Living Room Comfortable Rocking Chair Accent Chair

What about a yellow accent piece in your lounging room? It’ll not only brighten up your space but will also bring in the sense of class. Made for those who prefer chic rocker chairs, the seat features a contoured high back design complete with ergonomic arms. The soft padding will let you sink in, and fearlessly enjoy an interrupted smooth rocking motion. Thanks to the metal frame and sturdy wooden legs.

HouseInBox Rocking Chair

Here’s a super cute chair that features the unique Nordic design. It’s available in pink, green, and grey to help add a touch of class into your living room. The super-soft velvet upholstery is super inviting. Coupled with the padded armrests, curved high back design, and wood runners, you can be sure to find calm and comfort here. It can also be placed in your home office.

Amish Made Wooden Rocking horse

The Amish is one of the leading furniture brands in the world. Much work goes into ensuring their products are handcrafted using carefully selected solid hardwood. So, you don’t just get durable pieces, but the woodbase design is often outstanding. That said, you’ll expect this rocker chair to last long. Also, it’s designed to encourage play. Your kid will want to keep rocking since the back-and-forth motion mimics that of a galloping horse.

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