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The Best Rocking Chairs for Kids

The Best Rocking Chairs for Kids

Often, moms will feel ecstatic when their newborn finally arrives. However, the feeling might fade away if you didn’t prepare adequately. For instance, your little one will almost always be hungry and angry too. Second, diaper changes will come calling, fast and furious.

Therefore, pre-planning is crucial for you and your baby to enjoy all the milestones. Besides a crib, toys, toy storage, toddler beds, and books, a rocking chair for children is an item you’ll not want to miss out on. 

A rocker provides an excellent place for feeding during the initial stages and helps you calm your little one quickly. As they grow older, your child will love listening or reading to bedtime-time stories as they rock away and fall asleep.

Further, the rocking motion encourages your kid to pay attention which enhances brain development. Nonetheless, a poorly constructed rocker can deny the two of you the benefits associated with rocking. To help you make a wise buy, the following are adorable pieces you can consider.

Editor’s Pick: The Best Selling Children’s Rocking Chair on Amazon

Editor's Pick
Dolonm Mid-Century Nursery Rocking Armchair

Star Rating:
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Our editor’s pick had to be this charming children’s rocking chair from Dolonm. Available in over 15 colors, you’re already spoilt for color choices. It’s easy to find a piece that will compliment your background whether you’re looking to furnish your office, nursery, living room, or bedroom.

This heavy-duty rocker can support up to 300 pounds. It also comprises high-quality, sturdy rubberwood legs so you, plus the baby, can rock safely. In addition, the Dolonm children’s rocking chair features a solid and durable wooden frame upholstered in high-quality fabric. Coupled with soft sponges neatly hidden beneath the fabric, comfort is assured.

Pricing 3.5/5
Build Quality 4.5/5
Convenience 5/5
Ease of Use 5/5

More reassurance comes from the ergonomic design comprising a contoured tall backrest and comfy armrests. That ensures that your back and arms are adequately supported so that you don’t strain when calming or feeding your little one. Nonetheless, this piece is not pre-assembled, but the good news is that setting it up is straightforward.

The 5 Best Rocking Chairs for Children: Side-By-Side Comparison

Dolonm Rocking Chair Mid-Century Modern Nursery Rocking

See Price

37L x 27.1W x 39.7H inches

300 Pounds

56.2 pounds

Available in: 15+ colors
4.6 of 5 stars ratings

Rocking furniture base movement
Environment-friendly anti-peeling no fading material including solid plywood frame supported by rubberwood legs
Comfortable seat and backrest filled with high-density sponges covered with fabric
Office, nursery, living room and, bedroom
Goujxcy Child’s Rocking Chair

See Price

21H x 16W x 28D inches

80 Pounds

12 Pounds

Available in: tobacco
5.0 of 5 stars ratings

Rocking furniture base movement
Sturdy, long-lasting hardwood frame
Simple and beautiful traditional design
Nursery, lounge, playroom, and bedroom
Wildkin Kids Princess Royal Rocking Chair for Girls

See Price

23H x 16W x 28D inches

100 Pounds

13 Pounds

Available in: pink
4.6 of 5 stars ratings

Rocking furniture base movement
Durable blend of MDF and solid wood frame
Removable heart-shaped backrest cushion
Padded seat with gold tassels plus a little green-pea beneath
Game Recreation Room, Nursery, and Bedroom
American Plastic Kids Scoop Rocker Chairs

See Price

15.63 inches deep x 17.75 inches wide x 14.25 inches high

50 pounds

1 pound

Available in: assorted colors, including red  and blue
4.5 of 5 stars ratings

Rocking furniture base movement
Non-toxic plastic material scoop rocking chairs
Classroom, playroom, and outdoor spaces.
Slidewhizzer Kids Rocking Chair

See Price

31.88L x 15.15W x 17.32H inches

77 Pounds

7.52 pounds
4.3 of 5 stars ratings

Rocking furniture base movement
Heavy-duty powder-coated alloy steel frame
Rust-resistant frame and seat
Comfortable non-recycled plastic seat
Backyard rocking chair

Choosing the Best Rocking Chair for Children: Factors & Criteria

This write-up features some of the best rocking chairs for children. However, many other kids’ rockers are in the market, including dedicated chairs for specific use.

Others, however, they are versatile pieces that can sit in different places. The variety of colors available is also mind-blowing, suggesting that finding an ideal rocking chair for children can be challenging. That being said, here are factors to consider when shopping for kids’ rockers.

Locking Mechanism

Many modern children rocking chairsfeature a locking mechanism. A locked rocker won’t move when you aren’t around. In case your LO decides to touch it, the chances of injuries are pretty minimal.  In addition, sometimes you have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed or soothe. The locking mechanism ensures you can stand without disturbing your sleeping baby.

While some rocking chairs for children comprise an automatic locking mechanism, others are manual. You’ll want the automatic rocking chair for when you forget to lock the rocker. You wouldn’t wish to take chances with safety in the nursery. Right?

Supportive Cushioning

Seat and backrest cushions are excellent ways to enhance comfort. So, choosing a rocker with thick padding is smart. Besides the seat and backrest, the best rockers feature supportive cushioning on the armrests too.

For purposes of breastfeeding, rockers with lumbar support can be an excellent choice. They’re comfier since they help to support the lower back area. Also, you can use the additional cushion to prop up the baby’s head or your hand during feeding sessions.

Size Considerations

So, will the rocker be a good fit for you or your child? Make sure to scrutinize the size of the seat, height of the backrest, and the size of the armrests. A tall backrest is a great perk when selecting a children’srockingchair because it effectively supports the back, neck, and head. When hunting for a rocker for your kid, the headrest should be at least 6 inches higher than your LO’s head.

Sometimes, your little one will want to sit with their legs crossed. It’s part of growing up, but will the seat accommodate such desires? What of the armrests, are they well-positioned for comfortable rocking, reading, and listening to stories, or eating their favorite snack?

Lastly, make sure to choose a rocker that doesn’t sit too high. Otherwise, your little one will struggle to perch and get down.

Fabric Upholstery Rocking Chair Considerations

Many children’srockingchairscompaniespreferusingfabricupholstery. For one, these rockers feature different colors and prints. As a result, they are more user-friendly since they can blend with most backgrounds. Also, fabric provides an opportunity for your child to choose a pattern that they like. Well, they enjoy the freedom to choose plus the chance to participate in the buying process.

Remember, messes are inevitable, and that includes diaper bursts and spilled food. That means frequent cleaning, which can quickly wear poor quality fabric. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a chair with durable fabric upholstery. In addition, check for how easy it’ll be to clean the material.

Safety Factors

Children are naturally curious, and when combined with play, it’s a perfect recipe for injuries. Since those two are essential for normal growth and development, the best thing you can do is find ways to satisfy their curiosity and provide a safe haven for lots of play. To ensure you’ve chosen a good rockingchair for children, check out the following factors:

  • Perfect finishing (no visible sharp edges)
  • Closely placed slats to avoid having little hands, legs, or other body parts from sticking in between them.
  • A rocker with tamper-proof screws and joints


A kid’s rocker can be durable but not re-usable. In other words, it’s a dedicated chair for particular rocking needs. That limits the variety of places you can place the rocker. It’s best to select a multi-purpose children’s rocker. A versatile piece is not only economical, but it can be an ideal choice if you’re looking to save on space. Since it can sit in different places, it’s easy to hand it to the next generation–a perfect way to keep family memories.

In-Depth Best Children Rocking Chairs Reviews

Apart from the editor’s choice already featured in this write-up, here are some more high-quality, chic, and adorable rocking chairs for children.

Best Wooden Indoor/Outdoor Children Rocking Chair for Boys and Girls: Goujxcy Child’s Rocking Chair

Star rating: 5.0/5

Stand Out Features

  • Traditional design
  • Hardwood build
  • Simple but beautiful design
  • Unisex rocker
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Super comfortable
  • Sturdy, durable hardwood frame
  • All-weather outdoor children rocking chair


  • Lacks cushions

Our In-depth Review of the Goujxcy Child’s Rocking Chair

If you’re looking for a traditional design, here’s a reliable piece. The Goujxcy children rocking chair is made from solid hardwood, a feature common in most high-quality furniture. The simple design is built to last and will sit perfectly in most spaces, including the bedroom, playroom, and lounge.

This is a hardwood material rocker. It’s also hardwearing and can withstand harsh weather. So you can also use it outdoors, like on the deck or porch. The  Goujxcy rocking is a lightweight piece that weighs about 12 pounds. Therefore, it’s easy to move around. For only $129.99, this children’s rocking chair is worth your attention.

Goujxcy children rocking chair is also easy to clean. A piece of cloth and water is all you need. Further, you can pass it on because it’s a multi-purpose, durable unisex piece. Besides, this is a super comfy chair. Thanks to the well-positioned high backrest and comfortable armrests, plus a sturdy flat seat.

Often, the chair is not pre-assembled. Nonetheless, you can request expert assembling services; but at some additional cost. Also, you can request a replacement in case of any hardware problems.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

Currently, there are no changes or updates made on the Goujxcy children rocking chair.However, you may want to consider the B&Z KD-23N Classic Child’s Rocker. It’s pretty similar to the Goujxcy, apart from the price ($73.99) and maximum weight limit (110 pounds). This alternative is also available in three colors, including red, white, and oak.

Best Princess Themed Rocking Chairs for Girls: Wildkin Kids Princess Royal Rocking Chair for Girls

Star rating: 4.6/5

Stand Out Features

  • Removable heart-shaped backrest cushion
  • Blend of MDF and solid wood frame
  • A gorgeous design
  • Adorable pink color
  • Comfortable seat padding

Pros and Cons


  • Heaven-soft seat and backrest
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super comfortable
  • Sturdy build
  • Beautiful styling


  • Screws may require occasional tightening

Our In-depth Review of the Wildkin Kids Princess Royal Rocking Chair for Girls

Since Wildkid has been in the furniture business for over 30 years, it’s a brand you can trust. They make rockers and sell creative accessories for children like cribs, tables, stools, cushions, and more. You can choose matching items from their endless list of quality pieces of furniture. Therefore, buying their Kids Princess Royal Rocking Chair for Girls provides you with an easy way to create a theme.

This rocker features a removable heart-shaped backrest cushion and a padded seat cushion comprising gold tassels. The unique, beautiful design, blush pink color, and a green-pea hidden beneath the seat cushion are for reminding your little one that she’s a princess and nothing else. In case, she forgets the same message is inscribed behind the chair.

Safety first: this piece is pre-tested for BPA and phthalate and is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations. This rocker for children is also sturdy and durable. Thanks to the reliable frame made from a blend of quality MDF and wood. Safety, comfort, and longevity are all delivered through a single piece—a worthy investment it is.

Lastly, the chair is not pre-assembled but comes with the necessary hardware for easy assembling. Also, a 90-day warranty is provided with an exemption of misuse and normal wear and tear.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

The manufacturer hasn’t made any changes or updates on the Kids Princess Royal Rocking Chair for Girls. If you’re looking for something similar, the ECR4 Kids Children’s Modern Rocking Chair can be a perfect option.

However, the ECR4 Kids Rocking Chair is a unisex piece, but it’s still an adorable chair for your little princess to read or curl up on it anytime they want. Unlike the Wilkdkids brand, the ECR4 rocker is upholstered in fabric and comprises super soft padding on the seating area, backrest, and armrests.

Best Stackable Plastic Children’s Rocking Chairs: American Plastic Kids Scoop Rocker Chairs

Star rating: 4.5/5

Stand Out Features

  • Non-toxic plastic material
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • A simple beautiful, and comfy design
  • Available in assorted colors

Pros and Cons


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • No assembly needed
  • Super comfortable
  • Sturdy build
  • All-weather material
  • Lightweight


  • Lacks cushions

Our In-depth Review of the American Plastic Kids Scoop Rocker Chairs

The American Plastic Kids Scoop Rocker Chairs feature a unique design. First, they are multi-purpose pieces you can place outside or use indoors. Second, they come as a set of 6 pieces. Each rocker is made from high-quality non-toxic plastic. As a result, they’re safe for use by your little one(s).

The plastic material is hard to wear and can withstand harsh weather. You’ll not worry about these rockers even when the little ones forget them outside.

Since they are sold as a set of 6 children rockers, they can be an excellent choice if you’ve several kids or you’re looking for classroom rockers. Weighing just a pound, they are among the lightest plastic rockers available. In addition, they comprise cutout handles, making them pretty portable.

Moreover, you can stack them up when not in use. So, these are easy to store space-saving rockers for children. You can also put to rest any worry of tipping over or the chair falling on your children. Neither will kids struggle to perch. These pieces sit on the floor from where little ones can read, watch and play games or just rock and relax.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

There are no changes or updates made on the American Plastic Kids Scoop Rocker Chairs. Nonetheless, you’ll want to check on Hoohobbers Rocking Chair. Weighing just 4.1 pounds is also a lightweight piece but slightly heavier than the plastic scoop rockers. The rocker is water-proof therefore ideal for outdoor uses besides indoor rocking needs.

Unfortunately, the Hoohobers rocker is only sold as a single piece and not as a set like the scoop plastic rocking chairs for children. More also, it doesn’t sit on the floor.  However, it has a wide seat and front footpads for stability purposes.

The Children’s Rocking Chairs Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Rocking Chair for Your Kids

Beyond customization, it’s possible to find kids rockers that will suit your needs. Here are guidelines to help you find the perfect rocking chair for your children.

A firm Seat

A firm seat will adequately support your weight plus that of the baby. This is specifically important for mothers looking to furnish their nursery. You don’t want to sit and have the padding sink down. That can be uncomfortable. So, remember to check on the type of padding material used. If looking for a rocker for your children, rockers comprising soft-sponges are a great option.

Seat Dimensions

Before learning how to perch, most toddlers climb up the chair. Choosing a chair with a wide seat can help your kid to straddle with minimal hustle. In addition, a wide seat provides enough space for when they want to rock with their toys or sit cross-legged or even place their snack bowls and enjoy the moment.

On the other hand, you’ll want a rocking chair with a wide seat when hunting for a nursery rocker. It’ll offer enough space to rocking while holding the baby.

Color Considerations

Fun colors are the way to go when choosing the best rocking chair for children. While at it, consider your décor too. Be sure to choose a rocker that will match your other pieces. Also, consider tagging your little one along when shopping for their rocking chair. It’s a trip they’ll enjoy. If searching online, it’s great to involve them. That way, you’ll satisfy their preference and consequently settle for the best rocking chair.

Additional Features

These days, finding an ideal rocker for your kid can be an uphill task. Blame the numerous designs available out there. So, you’ll want to get narrower with your list to find the best rocker for your kids quickly. To accomplish that, check on the bonus features.

For instance, not all rocking chairs for children comprise locking mechanisms. Also, some rocking chairs have USB ports for when you want to use your phone and soothe your LO.

Simply put, note down the kind of features you’d want in a rocker and go for it. You’ll soon find a customized piece that’ll be suitable for you and the child.

Other Suggestions

If you’re interested in the products we reviewed, you may also want to check on these other kids’ rocking chairs.

Slidewhizzer Kids Rocking Chair

Fun rocking is what this unique rocker will offer. The rocking motion here resembles that of a see-saw. You know kids love swings, so your kid will like it. In other words, this rocker combines play and relaxation. Although it’s made of plastic, this rocking chair is certified by ASTM safety standards. It’s also easy to assemble.

Keet Bubble Rocking Kid’s Chair

Your search ends here if you’re into modern-looking rocking chairs for children. Aside from the denim upholstery, this rocker comprises thick high-density padding on the backrest, seat, and armrests. You’ll also love the sofa-like styling. The fact that it’s 100% OKEO-TEX standard certified assures you that this rocking chair is free from harmful chemicals or emissions.

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