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Best 10 Plastic Rocking Chairs (Outdoor & Indoor)

Plastic furniture is often considered cheap. So, many people shelve the idea of investing in plastic rocking chairs. After all, the chances of finding a high-end plastic piece are minimal.

However, that’s far from the truth. A rocking chair made from plastic can be a perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor furniture. Why? The following are undeniable advantages of these versatile, affordable pieces:

  • They’re lightweight therefore portable/easy to rearrange
  • Plastic rocking chairs are water-proof; therefore can’t rust, get moldy, or rot
  • They don’t break easily
  • They are available in different beautiful harmonious colors
  • High quality plastic rocking chairs feature smooth edges, so they are safe for use
  • They’re easy maintenance pieces
  • Consider buying a plastic rocker if all you want is a weatherproof, maintenance-free piece of furniture.

That said, you may want to get a piece or several. They’ll come in handy when you want to hang out on your front porch, patio or deck.

Editor's Pick
POLYWOOD R100WH Presidential Rocking Chair

It’s our overall best plastic rocking chair because it makes an alluring addition to both indoor and outdoor living spaces while maintaining that retro look.

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The Best 10 Plastic Rocking Chairs: Side-By-Side Comparison

HollyHOME 2PCS Modern Accent Lazy Plastic Rocking Chair

Best Modern

+ Beautiful pieces for relaxation and decorative purposes too.
+ Includes comfortable fluffy pillows set on plastic seats, anti-rust, durable steel frame, and whisper-quiet wooden legs for the smoothest rocking motion

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LAZZO Patio Rocking Chair

Best all-weather

+ Made of all-weather recycled plastic
+ An excellent choice for a vintage-themed setting

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POLYWOOD R100WH Presidential Rocking Chair

Editor’s Choice/Overall best

+ A resilient chair made of a special type of plastic called Trex lumber that can withstand the most corrosive weather agents, including intense storms.
+ Delivers super, smooth relaxing rocking motion

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PolyTEAK Modern Rocking Chair

Best for outdoor space

+ A lightweight, highly portable, multi-function chair for outdoor and indoor rocking.
+ Made of highly resilient polyTEAK material that’s sturdy therefore withstands corrosive elements, and lasts long.

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ADAMS MFG PATIO FURN 8080-48-3700 Big Easy Rocking Chair

Best Space Saving

+ Outrageously cheap yet generously sized heavyweight piece. Ideal for indoor and outdoor living.
+ Easy to stack several pieces together, therefore recommended for people with space limitations.

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Modway Rocker Kids Chair

Best for kids

+ Available in a lovely bright yellow color that’ll resonate well with kids
+ Comprises highly resilient Organic PP Plastic seat and chrome-plated steel frame

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POLYWOOD Vineyard Rocking Chair

Best Heavy-Duty

+ Delivers smooth, continuous rocking motion
+ Can hold up to 400 pounds

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Flash Furniture Winston All-Weather Poly Resin Rocking Chair

Best Set of Two

+ Supportive high back design
+ Sturdy construction featuring Mortis and Tenon joints

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WO 3 Piece Set

Best Plastic Adirondack Rocking chair

+ Consists of two rocking chairs and a matching side table
+ Classic comfortable adirondack style

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Vintage Handmade Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Rocking Chair

Best Vintage

+ Made of Polyethylene Plastic, Powder Coated Steel
+ Supportive Polyethylene Cord

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Choosing the Best Plastic Rocking Chair: Factors & Criteria


Generally speaking, plastic is a resilient material. However, some types of plastic can’t withstand extreme elements like snow. Those are the kind of rockers that are best suited for indoor relaxation needs. Therefore, the purpose of the rocker can really help you make the best buy.

Space Considerations

After knowing the purpose, you’ll want to consider the available space in relation to the rocker’s dimensions. That way, you’ll be sure to have adequate space for an uninterrupted back and forth motion. Also, outdoor rocking chairs are often placed 2-3 feet apart. So, remember to check on that too.


Since a rocking chair is meant to help you relax, rest and relieve stress, comfort is a critical factor. Besides a smooth rocking motion, go for that piece with a contoured seat. A high back is an added advantage too. Further, confirm that the armrests are wide enough and well-positioned to provide the perfect place to rest your arms.

In-Depth Best 10 Plastic Rocking Chairs (Outdoor & Indoor) Reviews

As promised, here’s a list of superb Amazon and Wayfair pieces to welcome you into the world of plastic indoor and outdoor rocking chairs. Alternatively, you could be looking for a replacement. You’ll definitely find something worth your money.

Best Modern: HollyHOME 2PCS Modern Accent Lazy Plastic Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.0/5

Stand out Features

  • Whisper-quiet wooden legs
  • Matching soft detachable  cushion
  • Durable water-proof stainless steel frame

Pros and Cons


  • Fashionable, pretty chair
  • Super comfy thick cushion
  • Wooden legs for stability
  • Anti-rust metal frame


  • Doesn’t have armrests

These pretty lazy plastic rocking chairs are always sold in pairs of two–a great choice if you’re looking for furniture for yourself and your partner, a grown-up kid, or a close friend. So, they won’t just satisfy your relaxation needs, but they’ll also be decorative pieces. Besides the office and living room, they can be a great addition to the patio, courtyard, balcony, living room or any outdoor space.

Although they are mainly made of plastic, the frame comprises stainless steel. So, stability and durability are assured. Further, the acacia wood legs will deliver whisper-quiet motion and are compatible with many types of floors. So, no screeching and unpleasant noise when you decide to rock away through the evening.

Soft, fluffy cushions are a great way to ensure you relax to the max. The cushions are also detachable, that makes it easy to clean the fabric upholstery.

Best All-Weather: LAZZO Patio Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.2/5

Stand out Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Made from weather-resistant plastic
  • High back featuring ladder-back design
  • Curved seat for enhanced comfort

Pros and Cons


  • Minimalist but beautiful design
  • Wide seat and tall backrest
  • Wide comfortable armrests
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Heavyweight  rocker (supports up to 300 pounds)


  • Assembly required

You guessed it right–going by its name, this can be an ideal choice when hunting for outdoor patio plastic rocking chairs. However, it won’t disappoint if placed in the living room, bedroom, porch, garden, den, or balcony. In other words, it’s a versatile rocker.

This chair is made from recycled plastic that’s pretty resistant to elements. So, investing in it means saving money as well as helping conserve the environment by reducing tree-felling activities.

If you like minimalist designs, we recommend this chair. It features a ladder back design that combines perfectly with the wide plastic seat. So, you can lean back and rely on the high back for support like no other and also have enough space to throw on a blanket and rock the day away.

The Best Plastic Rocking Chair: POLYWOOD R100WH Presidential Rocking Chair (Editor’s Choice)

Star rating: 4.7/5

Stand out Features

  • Contoured comfy seat
  • Comprises UV inhibitors and stabilizers
  • Stain-resistant (wine and condiments)

Pros and Cons


  • Withstands corrosive environmental agents
  • Available in over 5 colors
  • Includes a 20-year limited residential warranty
  • Comfortable contoured seat and wide armrests


  • Sits low

So you’re wondering where to get patio furniture that’s sturdy enough.  Look no further. Built for both indoors and outdoors, this Presidential Rocking Chair is made of Trex lumber. It’s a special type of plastic that’s not only durable but also sturdy and resilient. In fact, it often outperforms most metal rocking chairs, wooden rocking chairs and even rattan & wicker rocking chairs

It also doesn’t rot, splinter, crack, chip, or peel. So, repainting jobs won’t be necessary. It is available in 9 colors; therefore easy to find a piece that’ll match your decor. The seat includes a 20-year warranty. You’ll not want to miss out on that.

It’s also comfortable. You can rely on the contoured seat, stable backrest, and wide armrests to provide a perfect resting place for you. However, it sits low and might not be the best choice if you’re over 6″ tall.

Best Outdoor Rocking Chair: PolyTEAK Modern Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.2/5

Stand out Features

  • Unique back panel design
  • Made of water-proof polyTEAK material
  • Comfy ladder back design
  • Generous size

Pros and Cons


  • All-weather chair
  • Simplistic, beautiful chair
  • Can withstand elements
  • Multi-purpose chair


  • Features a straight backrest

This rocking chair is made of PolyTEAK (a water-proof plastic material), making it a great piece for outdoor spaces. So, you can place it by your wood burning fire pit, the poolside, backyard, or patio. In addition, it doesn’t easily stain and is simple to clean. So, if you’ve got kids, you can consider getting one or several and say goodbye to the messes.

Uniquely, the outdoor rocking chair looks like a wood rocking chair. So, expect neighbors to ask you where you fetched it from. It’s also available in 3 colors (white, grey and teak brown) and weighs just 39 pounds. So, it’s not only lightweight and portable but also easily blends with most themes and backgrounds.

The wide seat will provide ample rocking space. Meanwhile, the ladder back will offer excellent back support with the sturdy runners helping you to enjoy the smoothest, quietest rocking motion. However, this plastic rocking chair isn’t pre-assembled. Luckily, it comes with all the necessary hardware, and the setup is pretty straightforward.

Best Space-saving Plastic Rocking Chair: ADAMS MFG PATIO FURN 8080-48-3700 Big Easy Rocking Chair

Star rating: 3.3/5

Stand out Features

  • Lightweight (weighs 15 pounds only)
  • Stackable
  • Can holds up to 350 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Space-saving attributes
  • Pretty affordable
  • Portable
  • Multifunction chair


  • Can crack during extreme winter conditions

Imagine a plain white rocking chair in the middle of your leafy garden. That can be an excellent resting place for you. Also, you can host friends and enjoy a relaxed summer afternoon (of course, several pieces will be a must-have). Afterward, you are free to leave the plastic rocker outside, stack them and store away or use them elsewhere. Since it is a pretty portable chair and weighs a mere 15 pounds.

Aside from its space-saving attributes, the ADAMS MFG PATIO FURN 8080-48-3700 is sturdy. It can hold up to 350 pounds. So, you can forgive the looks (we really wouldn’t categorize it as a pretty chair) and focus on the weight limit. That makes for a versatile rocking chair, all for under $40.

Nonetheless, this chair is susceptible to breakages, especially when exposed to extreme cold weather. So, it’s advisable to store it away during severe winter conditions.

Best Plastic Rocking Chair for Kids: Modway Rocker Kids Chair

Star rating: 3.7/5

Stand out Features

  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel  frame
  • Whisper quiet wooden runners
  • Colorful, beautiful chair

Pros and Cons


  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Unique mid-century design
  • Made of highly resilient Organic PP Plastic
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Assembly required


Colors really matter in the world of kids. Thumbs up to Modway’s choice of color for this kid’s plastic rocking chair. It features a bright yellow color that’ll resonate well with your child.

It’s uncommon to find heavy-duty rockers in the kids’ section.  However, it’s different here–this chair can hold upto 300 pounds. Thanks to the chrome-plated steel frame and highly resilient organic PP plastic seat. So, expect it to last through your kids’ formative years.

You’ll also love the equally strong wood runners. They deliver stability and a quiet, uninterrupted rocking motion. That said, you may want to check on your little one just in case they relax to the max and can’t help dozing off.

While it requires assembly, this kid’s plastic rocking chair is easy to set up. After all, it comes with the necessary hardware to enable you to complete the job within minutes. Lastly, each purchase comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Heavy-Duty: POLYWOOD Vineyard Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.7/5

Stand out Features

  • Features highly resilient polyethylene
  • Comprises anti-rust stainless steel fasteners
  • Super comfy contoured seat

Pros and Cons


  • All-weather rocker
  • Delivers smooth, continuous rocking motion
  • 20-year residential warranty
  • 3-year commercial warranty
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Sits low

The rating tells it all–this plastic rocking chair is worth investing in. Made from high-density polyethylene, the chair weighs only 37 pounds. However, it can hold up to 400 pounds and is one of the most affordable heavyweight pieces you can ever find. Nonetheless, it sits a bit low therefore not an excellent choice if you’re over 6″.

Designed to offer memorable days of rocking, the chair comprises a comfy contoured seat and waterfall front. It’s easy to assemble and requires about 30 minutes to set it up. Thanks to the stainless steel fasteners that quickly go through the perfectly aligned holes.

It’s recommended for commercial use, say hotels, and comes with a 3-year warranty. You can also get it as a lounge chair / porch rocking chair, and with that, you get a 20-year warranty. Simply put, this is a super durable plastic rocking chair.

Best Set of Two Plastic Rocking Chairs: Flash Furniture Winston All-Weather Poly Resin Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.4/5

Stand out Features

  • Supportive back design
  • Sturdy construction featuring Mortis and Tenon joints
  • Pre-threaded holes

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy, solid construction
  • Available as a pack of 1 or 2
  • Wood-like finish
  • Traditional but good-looking design


  • Expensive than most plastic rocking chairs

One of the criteria we used to sample the best plastic rocking chairs was brand reputation and expertise. Since Flash Furniture has been in the industry for over 20 years, that’s an indication of reliability. Their product offering includes this excellent polyresin chair known as Winston.

Note that polyresin is a synthetic water-proof plastic that’s pretty strong and durable. Given that the chair features Mortis and Tenon joints, plus metal screw reinforcements, it’s bound to last long. It’s worth mentioning that the chair isn’t pre-assembled. Nonetheless, the pre-threaded holes will give you an easy setup experience.

Interestingly, the manufacturer provides two options: get one-piece or buy a rocking chair set of two. So, you can get several pieces and make yourself a cozy spot on the back or front porch.

Best Plastic Adirondack Rocking Chair: WO 3 Piece Set

Star rating 4.4/5

Stand out Features

  • Includes two rocking chairs and one matching side table
  • HDPE polyethylene plastic
  • Classic comfortable adirondack-style

Pros and Cons


  • UV and weather-resistant
  • East to assemble
  • Multiple color options


  • A Bit pricey

This WO 3 Piece set consisting of two rocking chairs and a side table will turn any outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. To make this outdoor furniture even more cozy add a water-resistant cushion and a headrest pillow.

The chair features a comfortably contoured seat, vertical slats and a waterfall front, which all help provide the smoothest rocking rhythm.  Constructed of HDPE polyethylene plastic, the adirondack rocker can be used all year-round. Even better, it is not prone to cracking or warping.

Best Vintage: Vintage Handmade Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Rocking Chair

Stand out Features

  • Made of polyethylene plastic, powder coated steel
  • Supportive polyethylene cord seat

Pros and Cons


  • Water proof
  • Weather Resistant
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Assembly required

If you’re hunting for a vintage-inspired piece, you can consider this handmade plastic rocking chair. It’s not only beautiful but also features a sturdy construction that’s both durable and comfortable.

Made to last long, this chair comprises weather-resistant PP plastic cords. The supportive frame and runners are made of powder-coated anti-rust steel. It’s also a spacious classic style rocker that’s 30.75 inches wide and 39.25 inches long. Therefore, you already have adequate space to rock away from the day’s stresses.

Like most rocking chairs made of plastic, the vintage handmade chair requires assembly, however, it makes a reliable retro lounging chair for outdoor or indoor relaxation needs.

How to Choose the Best Plastic Rocker for You

Just choosing a rocking chair made from plastic can be easy. After all, isn’t it all about the material? However, choosing a plastic rocking chair that will perfectly match your rocking needs can be challenging. That’s why we’ve included this guide to assist you in ordering an excellent piece.

Weight Limit

Checking on the weight limit can help you choose a durable plastic rocking chair. It’s best to select a heavy-duty piece in order to avoid breakages. Besides, it’s going to be a multi-function piece that heavy visitors can use.


If you’ve got kids at home, it’s advisable to scrutinize the edges. Else, injuries will be inevitable. Also, check the runners as well since they determine the stability of a chair. Also, remember to verify that the runners are compatible with most if not all floors.


The best rockers made from plastic often feature a wide seat and high supportive back. A high back offers higher levels of comfort since it adequately supports the back and neck. On the other hand, a generously sized chair provides you with ample space to rock, and if need be, you can throw a blanket or have your little one perch for bonding and endless hours of rocking.

Other Suggestions

If you found our above reviews helpful but looking for something else, we’ve got two more pieces for you:

American Plastic Toys APT-13150-6PK Children’s Scoop Rocker Chair

These scoop rocking chairs will be a perfect option if you’ve got several children visiting, they can enjoy lounging on them in the recreation room. In addition, they can be used as porch rockers or in a classroom setting. Further, these are super lightweight rocking chairs. Coupled with their stackable feature, they’re easy to carry around and store away.

The seats sit on the ground. So, no worrying about the kids standing on them and toppling over. They don’t have any sharp edges–an ideal chair for play and rest. Remember, these plastic rocking chairs are sold in sets of six.

Traditional Garden 48″ Glider

If looking for a traditional plastic rocker to complement your traditional furniture collection, go for the attractive Traditional Garden 48″ Glider. The chair offers a gentle gliding motion and the seating area is wide enough to accommodate two people. It comes in various colors to match any surroundings.

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