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The Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs

The Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs

A little while back, finding a decent piece of furniture for your outdoor space was pretty tough. In fact, you’d be limited to plastic pieces, and if you wanted something stronger, then curly q-wrought iron loungers were the way to go. Unfortunately, these pieces weren’t durable. Often, they’d cave in whenever strong winds ravaged a back yard, patio, or garden.

Thank goodness it’s no longer the case. These days, you’ve got the freedom to decide what you want, be it classic or contemporary.  And when it comes to outdoor rocking chairs, the huge supply creates another hurdle: finding the very best piece of furniture.

Nonetheless, no need to stress out. We’ve already done the homework and found gorgeous, tried, and tested outdoor rocking chairs. We promise you’ll find a decent outdoor rocking chair that’ll satisfy your relaxation needs.

Editor’s Pick For The Best Outdoor Rocking Chair

Editor's Pick
Outdoor Hanwell Rocking Wicker/Rattan Chair with Cushions

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Ease of Use:
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Our editor’s pick had to be this sturdy, handsome outdoor rocking chair from Hanwell. Carefully constructed, it’s among the rocking chairs for the patio that can withstand elements. The inner steel frame material is pretty strong plus; it can hold weight limits of up to 300 pounds. So, your plus-size visitors are adequately catered for already.

The outer frame material comprises hand-woven wicker that’s resistant to UV and mildew.  Besides, it combines grey and brown flat and round weave texture, making it a safe, durable, and gorgeous piece of outdoor furniture.

The Hanwell rocking chair promises maximum comfort. A cushion for the seat and backrest plus perfectly positioned armrests will ensure you can relax over a mug of coffee or a good book. Further, you can detach the cushions during wet weather and replace them when the need arises.

This is also an easy-to-maintain outdoor rocking chair. First, the cushion covers are made of washable polyester; and they are also removable. So, cleaning them is pretty easy.  Alternatively, you can clean the covers using a piece of cloth or towel and soapy water.  The frame is equally easy to clean—use a wet cloth to dust then wipe dry.

Lastly, this patio rocking chair requires assembly. However, each shipped package includes the necessary hardware for quick set-up. You also have a 90-day window to return your rocker as stipulated in the warranty.

The Seven Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs: Side-By-Side Comparison

Outdoor Hanwell Rocking Wicker/Rattan Chair with Cushions

Editor’s choice/Best overall

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Outsunny Zero Gravity Reclining Foldable Rocker

Best space-saving multi-function recliner/rocker

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GUBBÖN rocking chair

Best budget (indoor/outdoor use)

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Corvus Sarcelles Modern Wicker Patio Rocking Chairs

Most stylish set of two

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Voido Rocking Chair

Comfiest classic rocker

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Harlie & Stone Outdoor Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs

Most stylish  with matching side table

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Outdoor Roberta Rocking Metal Chair

Best anti-rust metallic

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Choosing the Best Outdoor Rocking Chair: Factors & Criteria

When hunting for an outdoor rocking chair, the bottom line is to find a piece that will satisfy all your needs and suit your space. Following is what to look for in order to find the best of the best rocker in the current saturated marketplace.


Few activities can deliver the heavenly feeling you’ll get from a comfortable patio rocking chair. Also, finding a perfectly constructed rocking chair for the front porch can be quite fulfilling. The reason is–you’ll be having a comfy place to unwind, chat, and laugh with family members and friends. So, what constitutes a comfortable outdoor rocking chair?

1. Dimensions: It helps to scrutinize a rocker’s seat, backrest, and armrest dimensions. A wide seat is as good as a tall backrest. You’ll want adequate rocking space in contrast to squeezing in a tiny rocker. On the other hand, a tall headrest will support your back, neck, and head for enhanced comfort. As for the armrests, the positioning and size matter. They should provide a comfy place to rest your arms as you soak in the summer warmth.

2. Soft padding: Some outdoor rocking chairs comprise soft padding. The major areas to consider are the seat, backrest, and armrests. If the piece has an additional padded headrest, the better. Also, make sure to confirm that the material used is soft but firm and also durable.

3. Ergonomic design: Your ticket to a super comfy outdoor rocking chair lies in finding an ergonomically designed rocker. Manufacturers take time and consider various factors when designing and also during the production of ergonomic pieces. Ergonomic rocking chairs feature a unique design that delivers maximum comfort.


It’s essential to set a budget before setting out to hunt for an outdoor rocking chair. Else, you might spend a considerable amount of time trying to get an almost non-existent rocker. In other words, price helps you to narrow down your list. Consequently, you can identify an ideal rocker much quicker. In addition, you’ll want value for your money. So, how deep are your pockets?


An outdoor rocking chair can be made from HDPE lumber (synthetic resin), hardwood, softwood, plastic, or wicker material. The type of material you choose often determines factors like durability and maintenance.

Hardwood, for example, is pretty hard-wearing and lasts long.  Wicker, however, might not withstand elements like hardwood material. On the other hand, softwood is durable but can’t outdo hardwood. Just like hardwood, softwood outdoor rocking chairs require maintenance to keep them looking good.

Some rockers that feature synthetic materials like HDPE lumber and plastic are pretty durable. Also, they’re relatively easy to maintain. However, it’s easier to maintain softwood rockers as opposed to wicker chairs since dust can gather into woven wicker material.

As a result, you’ll often have to set enough time to clean woven wicker rocking chairs.  Put simply; it’s essential to check on material details. In addition, you can consult with the manufacturer and also read reviews for more insight.

In-Depth Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs Reviews

Making an informed buy demands careful consideration. Following are helpful details of various quality outdoor rocking chairs for you.

Best Space-Saving Outdoor Rocking Chair: Outsunny Zero Gravity Reclining Foldable Rocker

Star rating: 4.2/5

Stand Out Features

  • Detachable headrest
  • Adjustable seat
  • Smooth recline and rocking motion
  • Features an accessory tray
  • Foldable

Pros and Cons


  • Padded headrest
  • Space-saving
  • Pre-assembled
  • Easy to clean
  • Super comfortable
  • Extra wide seat


  • No padding on the seat
  • Can rust

Our In-depth Review of the Outsunny Zero Gravity Reclining Foldable Rocker

An impressive 4.2 of 5 star rating indicates most customers were happy with this rocker. That’s to say; it must be a reliable outdoor rocking chair. From the reviews, we gathered that this chair’s versatility was among the top reasons for the impressive rating.

First, it’s a multi-function chair since you can enjoy its smooth rocking motion or use it as a reclining chair. The reclining function locks in different positions, plus you’re free to remove the headrest if you want. Meanwhile, the breathable Textilene seat is wide, and the bungee support system ensures that the seat perfectly fits your body.  Depending on how you plan to exploit your leisure time, this rocker assures you maximum relaxation.

More versatility comes with the folding function. In addition, the chair weighs 22; In addition, the chair weighs 22 pounds, features that make it a portable and easy-to-store rocker. Uniquely, the Outsunny Zero Gravity Reclining Foldable Rocker has a large accessory tray. That saves you from having to buy a side table since the plastic tray will hold your books, beverages, and snacks. Plus, you can secure a few small items like a phone in the available slots on the attached table.

This multi-purpose piece effortlessly combines with different spaces. For instance, it’s foldable and portable, making it an excellent rocker on the go and therefore ideal for camping. The zero gravity recliner can also be a patio rocking chair or the perfect rocking chair on the front porch. You can also use it at the beach.

If you want to place it indoors, it can be your lounge rocker, or you could transform it into a bed at home or at the workplace. The best part is: this rocker is pre-assembled.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

This rocker hasn’t been modified yet. However, the Zero Gravity Patio Outdoor Reclining Lounge Chair.  It resembles the Outsunny Zero Gravity Reclining Foldable Rocker. However, you’ll be treated to more comfort since this alternative features a padded seat. It’s worth noting that this alternative is strictly a reclining chair and therefore lacks a rocking function.

Best Budget Outdoor Rocking Chair: GUBBÖN rocking chair

Star rating: 4.8/5

Stand Out Features

  • High back
  • Comfortable seat design
  • Protective plastic covers underneath the legs
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Made from quality recyclable PE plastic
  • Multi-purpose rocking chair

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth rocking motion
  • No maintenance rocker
  • Durable
  • Wide seat


  • Lacks cushions
  • Lacks seat or backrest padding

Our In-depth review of the GUBBÖN rocking chair

It’s not easy to find an under $100 comfy outdoor rocking chair. However, here’s a unique piece you can use outdoors. The GUBBÖN rocking chair is made from a special type of plastic known as PE plastic rattan. It’s a synthetic, resilient and pretty versatile material. In this case, the material is woven to create a breathable mesh-like seat and backrest. The feature promotes circulation for the comfiest rocking experience, even when using pillows or cushions..

PE plastic is also easy to clean. All you need is a dump piece of cloth plus soapy water, and your rocker will be as clean as new. The frame is made from steel powder-coated steel. That means a stronger outdoor rocking chair for you. Nonetheless, a downside with steel is its susceptibility to corrosion when the outer protective coating chips off.  So, it’s advisable to keep it scratch-free and dry to keep rust at bay.

The shape of the seat delivers comfort, and so does the high backrest, which will adequately support the back plus the neck. Moreover, the GUBBÖN rocking chair can sit outside or inside your home. Therefore, it can be your preferred rocking chair on the front porch, patio rocking chair, lounge, or the living room rocker.

Lastly, you can rock your exhaustion away with minimal worry about damaging your floor. This rocker features plastic strips underneath the legs to protect your floor against scratches. Also, the plastic strips help to deliver a smooth, whisper-quiet rocking motion that the temptation to doze will overwhelm you.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

There are no product updates or changes for this outdoor rocking chair. However, you can consider the Patio Padded Steel Rocking Chair. Notice, the GUBBÖN rocker comprises a woven seat and backrest, making it suitable for most spaces. The Patio Padded Steel Rocker, however, comprises comfy cushions on a steel frame. That’s a perfect combination if you’re hunting for a rustic design that’s both sturdy and durable.

Most Stylish Outdoor Rocking Chair: Corvus Sarcelles Modern Wicker Patio Rocking Chairs(Set of 2)

Star rating: 4.5/5

Stand Out Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Unique sleek design
  • Heavy-duty rocker (holds up to 300 pounds)
  • Multi-function rocking chair

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive
  • Reclines too far back

Our In-depth review of the Corvus Sarcelles Modern Wicker Patio Rocking Chairs (Set of 2)

If you’ve been looking for twin rocking chairs for your front porch, your search ends here. To clarify, these pieces aren’t meant for the porch only. They can be the best rocking chairs for your patio or backyard. On top of that, the Corvus Sarcelles Modern Wicker Patio Rocking Chairs can also sit indoors. Thanks to their sleek modern design.

Featuring a steel frame and PE wicker material for the seat, these pieces are sturdy and strong. Since the seats comprise a wicker cord design, you’ll enjoy maximum support as you rock exhaustion away. The seat cord design also ensures these pieces deliver the highest levels of comfort.

Given that they’re sold as a pair, it’s easy to fill up your space with several matching pairs. They’re also heavy-duty chairs with a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. Therefore, they can be a great option if you frequently entertain guests. Further, you can consider throwing some cushion or super-soft pillows to spice up things and find some more comfort.

Remember, these pieces aren’t pre-assembled. However, you’ll not stress over setting them up. Like any other reliable outdoor rocking chair, assembly is pretty straightforward. Plus, you have a 90-day window to return a broken Corvus Sarcelles Modern Wicker Patio Rocking Chair if the need arises.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

Currently, there are neither updates nor changes made on the Corvus Sarcelles Modern Wicker Patio Rocking Chair if the need arises. However, we found a great alternative for you—the Harlie & Stone Outdoor Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs. They are a pretty piece of furniture and will spice up your outdoor space. Besides, they not only allow for rocking, but you can glide or enjoy a whisper-quiet smooth 360-degree swivel. Though pricey, they’re sold as a set of two and include a stylish matching side table which dilutes the cost factor.

The Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Rocking Chair for Outdoor Use

You’ve probably heard someone regret their decision to buy a certain piece of furniture. Mostly, the reason is they didn’t receive what they wanted. No more regrets; here are ideas to help you buy the most suitable outdoor rocking for yourself.

The Material Used

When hunting for an ideal outdoor rocking chair, considering the material used can help you identify a decent piece. Since the rocker will sit outside, a weatherproof chair is the way to go. Be sure to choose a rocker that can withstand elements like rain, wind, mold, and insects. That way, you’ll be on your way to buying a durable rocking chair for the porch, patio, deck, or garden.

A Sturdy Frame

The frame supports the entire structure. So, it’s critical to select a rocker with a sturdy frame to avoid injuries and to also find value for your money. As much as it’s prone to corrosion, a steel frame is sturdy. However, most steel outdoor rocking chairs feature a protective powder coating which is also susceptible to chipping. You’ll want to avoid chipping in order to enjoy the benefit of longevity. You can also opt for a wooden frame and especially hard-wearing hardwood material. It’ll serve you well.

The Rocker

If possible, make sure to sit and test the rocker you intend to. Alternatively, you can look at the dimensions. Both ways, your goal will be to check how deep and high the rocker is. Make sure to choose a rocker with a wide but shallow seat. Often, that design delivers a gentle smooth rocking motion. In contrast, shorter, deeper pieces make for uncomfortable back and forth motion.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of maintenance often boils down to the type of material used. Metal outdoor rocking chairs are easy-maintenance pieces. PE rattan and wicker also demand minimal attention.

If you can find a water-resistant metal rocker, then you’re good to go. However, most metallic pieces comprise a powder coating that’s susceptible to chipping, and before long, your rocker will be rusting. Prompt sealing of chipped areas is recommended in order to avoid corrosion.

If you prefer wood pieces, they’re also pretty easy to maintain. However, it’s best to prepare in advance for repainting or varnishing to keep them in good shape.  By and all, it pays to keep your outdoor rocking chair undercover during harsh weather to avoid damage.

Tech Considerations

Most aspects of life have been affected by technological advancement. Rocking chairs aren’t an exception. Some patio rocking chairs feature automatic functions like recline adjustments. Since you’ll be looking for maximum comfort, why not select a piece that you can adjust by just pressing a button?

Recline and Swivel Factors

Besides rocking, consider finding an advanced rocker that can also recline and swivel. While at it, selecting a piece with more recline positions is better. Also, choosing an outdoor rocking chair that can swivel at 360-degrees is smart. After all, there’s no harm in finding several sources of comfort from a single outdoor rocking chair.

Other Suggestions

If you’ve found the reviewed pieces interesting but would like to check out some more outdoor rockers, here are additional amazing rockers.

Voido Rocking Chair

If we were to slot the Void outdoor rocking chair, it would be either the best multi-purpose or the most modern rocker. Designed by Ron Arad, it’s as unique as the designer.  In fact, only a keen eye will notice that the Voido chair is indeed a rocking chair.

The beautifully designed rocker comprises rotational-molded polyethylene. Its smooth edges will constantly invite you for a rocking session. Although it’s among the pricey rocking chairs out there, the classic design is worth the high price tag. In addition, it can sit in outdoor or indoor spaces and comes in different colors for easier blending.

Outdoor Roberta Rocking Metal Chair

What about a colorful metal outdoor rocking chair? A piece that’s water and rust-resistant? Besides spicing up your outdoors with this bright piece, you can leave it outside without worrying about damage from water, rust, or mold. That’s a perfect definition of a hard-wearing patio rocking chair.

Further, this cute rocker can bear weight limits of up to 250 pounds. In other words, the tall and heavy are welcome to use it. As a sign of a reliable brand, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty. Remember, this steel rocking chair requires assembly.

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