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The Best Black Rocking Chairs

The Best Black Rocking Chairs

If you’ve been thinking about black rocking chairs but are unsure whether it’s a brilliant idea, then you’ve landed in the right place. The truth is, you’ll rarely go wrong with black. In fact, there’s a famous line that cautions about the same—”Every room needs a hit of black.”

Nonetheless, it’s essential to be careful about how far you’ll get involved with embracing black.  The general rule is to ensure you don’t go overboard. To achieve that, simply introduce a hint of black—otherwise, it’s easy to overwhelm your space because black is among the strongest colors in the spectrum.

As far as décor goes, you can also add colorful pillows to rocking chairs in order to neutralize the effect of black. Besides, pillows offer additional comfort, color, and contrast. It’s an idea that can also make things a little bit interesting.

So, what does the rocking chairs market have in store for black aficionados? Hang on. We’ve researched and prepared more details in the next sections.

Editor’s Pick for The Best Black Rocking Chair

Editor's Pick
The Rocking Rocker A040BK Black Rocking Chair

Star Rating:
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The Rocking Rocker-AO4OBK is often identified as a patio or garden rocking chair. However, it is a rocker you can use either indoors and outdoors. Since it’s a multi-purpose piece, it saves space that you can use for other purposes. In other words, it’s a worthy investment because it saves you from having to budget for dedicated rocking chairs.

Although it’s not pre-assembled, the Rocking Rocker-AO4OBK will arrive with the necessary hardware for quick set-up. Also, this black rocker is made of solid hardwood. That means it’s a resilient black rocking chair that can withstand elements. Therefore, you can dedicate it to your porch, garden, or lawn without worrying about rot. It’s a pretty reliable piece of furniture.

Pricing 3.5/5
Build Quality 4.5/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Convenience 5/5

Alternatively, you can decide to use it indoors. It’s simple classic, sturdy build and black finish will complement any room.

The Rocking Rocker-AO4OBK will accommodate the tall and heavy family members as well as visitors. The wide seat and a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds is something to rejoice about. It’s a rocker that’ll serve you well.

Lastly, you can add cushions if you like. However, you can also choose to trust the sturdy slats, a considerably tall black rest, and well-positioned armrests for maximum comfort. Top of it all, the Rocking Rocker-AO4OBK starting price is pretty affordable given that it’s made of hardwood material.

The Six Best Black Rocking Chairs: Side-By-Side Comparison

Rocking Rocker A040BK Black Rocking Chair

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Dimensions: 33.86L x 26.97W x 45.28H inches

Max Weight Limit: 250 Pounds

18.74 pounds
4. 6 of 5 stars rating

– Rocking furniture base movement
– Durable 100% hardwood frame
– Polyurethane finish suitable for indoor and shady outdoor space
C-Hopetree All-Weather Hand Woven Wicker Rocker

See Price

Dimensions: 25L x 28W x 38H inches

Max Weight Limit: 260 Pounds

20 Pounds
4. 4 of 5 stars

– Rocking furniture base movement
– Anti-corrosion powder-coated steel frame
– Handwoven wicker seat and backrest Patio garden rocker
Portal Oversized Quad Camping Rocking Chair

See Price

Dimensions: 22.5 W x 18D x 42H inches 7L x 7W x 40H inches when folded

Max Weight Limit: 300 Pounds

16.5 Pounds
4.5 of 5 stars

– Rocking furniture base movement
– Durable steel frame, high-density polyester upholstery, and breathable mesh back
– Camping, bedroom, living room, and home office
Modway Mid-Century Modern Lounge Rocking Chair in Black

See Price

Dimensions: 24.5L x 27.5W x 26.5H inches

17 pounds
4.1 of 5 stars

– Rocking furniture base movement
– Wooden smooth rocking legs, steel alloy support, and durable molded PPP plastic seat/backrest
– Living room/lounge, nursery and, patio garden
Sunnydaze Metal Outdoor Rocking Chair in Black

See Price

Dimensions: 29L x 23.5W x 33H inches

Max Weight Limit: 220 pounds

Weight: 24 pounds
4.2 of 5 stars

– Rocking furniture base movement
– Rust-resistant, durable cast iron and steel construction, bronze powder-coated finish, and a traditional fleur-de-lis style
– Indoor and outdoor use
2-Set Jeco Rocker Wicker Chair in Black

See Price

Dimensions: 33.5L x 28.25W x 36H inches

Max Weight Limit: 250 pounds

Weight: 76 pounds
4.2 of 5 stars

– Rocking furniture base movement
– All-weather resin wicker set on a steel frame with bottom cushions
– Patio / garden use

Choosing the Best Black Rocking Chairs: Factors & Criteria

Remember you’ll rarely go wrong with black because it blends with most colors—however, it’s essential to be careful with this bold color. The trick is to avoid going overboard to avoid a masculine mood instead of a touch of class that’s synonymous with black. Once sure that a black rocking chair will complement your décor, here’s how to choose an excellent black rocker:

The Materials Used

Aside from the popular hardwood, rocking chairs are available in softwood, wicker, HDPE lumber, plastic resin, and injection mold material. When choosing the material, try to answer the following questions.

  • Is the material durable?
  • What’s the price?
  • What will be its appearance after several months or years of use?
  • Is it luxurious enough to offer maximum comfort?
  • How easy is it to maintain, or does it require occasional repainting and varnishing jobs?
  • Does the material stain easily?
  • Is it an easy-to-clean material?
  • What about weight? Is it overly heavy, or can you move it without much hustle?


The dimensions of a rocking chair include the overall length, height, and width. Other finer details include the width of the seat, the height of the backrest, how low or high the chair can sit, and even the size of the armrests.

Some rocking chairs like the Modway Mid-Century Modern Lounge Rocking Chair in Black are relatively small. They are suitable for small people or bigger kids. You’ll want to choose an alternative if you’re tall and big but really want a chic plastic piece.

If you’re planning to furnish your patio or porch, remember to factor in the recommended 2-3 feet distance between rockers. Most importantly, enough space for rocking is essential. You don’t want to hit objects in front or behind you. So, be sure to consider the dimensions and the available space before clicking the “buy now button.”

Form and Function

Form and function go hand in hand. Some designs are best suited for indoor use. Others, however, will be a great option for outdoor rocking. For instance, if you’re planning to buy several chairs, the available space will determine the ideal chair dimensions to select. It’s possible to buy and then realize you don’t have sufficient space.

Still on form, see to it that little fingers, paws, and tails are safe. Low-quality rockers often feature a poor build that easily splinters. You don’t want accidents around. Scrutinize.

A harder-wearing rocker is the best option if you’re hunting for an outdoor piece. On the other hand, most classic designs like wicker can be an excellent option for indoor use.


Accessories like side tables, cushions, and pillows can transform your space. Besides adding color and variety, accessories like ottomans deliver convenience and comfort. So, you can opt to have black rocking chairs that already comprise cushions, ottomans, or side tables.

Alternatively, you can buy, then accessorize later. Make sure to confirm the availability of matching accessories for the rocker. Also, find out the quality of the accessories while not forgetting to consider the available space for side tables and ottomans.

In-Depth Best Black Rocking Chairs Reviews

Although we spent hours researching and compiling valuable reviews, each chair featured in the list below has cons and pros. However, we were keen to choose the very best black rocking chairs. The selection criterion was based on price, material, ease of use, durability, and comfort.

Best Wicker Black Rocking Chair –  C-Hopetree All Weather Outdoor Rocker with Hand Woven Black Wicker

Star rating: 4.4/5

Stand Out Features

  • Anti-corrosion powder-coated steel frame
  • Handwoven wicker seat and backrest
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Load limit of 260 pounds

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super comfortable
  • Beautiful design
  • Sturdy, durable steel frame
  • All-weather outdoor black rocking chair
  • Lacks pillows

Our In-depth Review of the C-Hopetree All Weather Outdoor Rocker with Hand Woven Black Wicker

Interestingly the C-Hopetree rocker weighs about 20 pounds but can bear weights of up to 260 pounds. That means that although it’s a lightweight chair, the design is strong and sturdy. So, this is a rocker you can consider if you’re looking for a heavy-duty piece.

It’s also a beautiful rocking chair. It features a carefully handwoven wicker seat and backrest that are set on a durable steel frame. Further, the frame is EPP coated and resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent option for outdoor use.

Notice, the C-Hopetree black rocking chair lacks cushions. Nonetheless, it’s ergonomically designed, making it a comfy rocking piece. If you’ve used an ergonomic chair, you already know what we’re talking about.

Besides, it’s an easy to clean rocker—a piece of cloth and water is enough. Further, it’s not pre-assembled, but the package often has the necessary hardware for easy assembly. Setting it up takes around 10 – 15 minutes.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

There are no product changes or updates for the C-Hoptree Wicker All Weather black rocking chair. However, your other alternative is the Jeco Rocker Wicker Chair.

With an Amazon starting price of $359.15, Jeco is more expensive than C-Hoptree. However, that’s alright since you’ll receive two black rocking chairs. In addition, the Jeco Rockers include cushions to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Best Black Camping Rocking Chair – PORTAL Oversized Quad Camping Rocking Chair

Star rating: 4.5/5

Stand Out Features

  • Padded headrest
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • High-quality polyester upholstery
  • Breathable mesh back
  • In-built beverage pocket

Pros and Cons

  • Multi-purpose outdoor rocker
  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving design
  • Sturdy build
  • Durable
  • Rocking chair on-the-go
  • Lacks instructions for folding and unfolding

Our In-depth Review of the PORTAL Oversized Quad Camping Rocking Chair

Rving made camping easier and more enjoyable–that’s what you’ll expect to achieve with the Portal Quad Camping Chair. First, this rocker is lightweight. Second, it’s easy to fold.

Those two features make it an excellent choice for those who love camping because packing for your trip becomes a pretty easy job. When not using it, it’s easy to store this foldable black rocking chair.

Since they are foldable, they can be a great option if you have space limitations. Also, they can handle up to 300 pounds indicating a sturdy solid build. Thanks to the durable steel frame. Given that it features high-quality polyester upholstery, this is a chair that will serve you well.

Uniquely, this outdoor black rocking chair comprises a breathable mesh on its tall backrest. A thickly padded headrest will offer you the much-needed support to rock and relax. Meanwhile, the easy-to-fix armrest will support your hands as you rock away in the sun. Comfort is all you get with this super affordable simply designed black rocking chair.

Smooth rocking isn’t enough. You’ve got safety considerations as well. Either way, you’re covered because the legs of this black rocking chair are designed to deliver a smooth rocking motion. The safety latch will lock the rocker in an open state. Lastly, a 12-months warranty awaits you too–a sign of a reliable design.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

There are no product changes, updates, or alternatives for this specific black rocking chair. Nonetheless, you can check out the Outdoor Freestyle Mesh Rocker from GCI. This rocker is similar to the PORTAL design because it folds flat for easier storage. It also comprises a sturdy steel frame but it’s light and collapsible. So, it’s easy to move around.

The main difference between these two outdoor rocking chairs is the beverage holder featured in the GCI design. Also, the GCI rocker is cheaper and has a lesser weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Best Black Modern Small-Sized Rocking Chair – Modway Mid-Century Modern Lounge Rocking Chair in Black

Star rating: 4.1/5

Stand Out Features

  • Chrome-plated steel base
  • Deep molded seat
  • Short, comfy plastic backrest
  • Smooth rocking wooden legs
  • Sturdy alloy steel base
  • Multi-purpose indoor rocker

Pros and Cons

  • Small-sized space-saving rocker
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-purpose black rocking chair
  • Ideal for the bigger children
  • Doesn’t stain easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Not ideal for the tall and big
  • Lacks a headrest

Our In-depth Review of the Modway Mid-Century Modern Lounge Rocking Chair

The Modway Mid-Century Modern rocking chair is lightweight and small in size. Therefore it won’t confine you to the lounge because it’s easy to carry around to the other rooms.

Borrowing its design from the Mid-Century, this rocker is chic and comfy. It has a relatively deep PP plastic seat, a sturdy backrest, alloy steel base, and wooden rocking legs that ensure you can smoothly rock hours on end. Besides, your body will perfectly fit into the backrest. Further, this modern rocker doesn’t tip over. So, you can allow the bigger kids to use it without worrying about their safety.

However, the tall and big ones won’t like this Modway rocker, since it’s small-sized and ideal for the petite. Nonetheless, below is an alternative you can consider.

Product Changes, Updates, or Alternatives

The manufacturer hasn’t made any updates or changes to this small rocker yet. However, if you really like this specific design but want something different, an alternative is the Molded Plastic Black Armchair Rocker by Eames.

Although they share several similarities like design, and both are made of molded plastic, the Eames design features fiberglass overlaid by molded plastic. The result is a high-quality rocking multi-purpose chair for indoor use.

The Black Rocking Chairs Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Black Rocking Chair for You

Some furniture companies provide customization services. Often, it means paying more.  If that doesn’t sound good, knowledge about choosing the best rocking chair set in black will be essential.

The Size Matters

Styling often affects the size of a rocker. However, most rocking chairs in black are 37-45 inches high, 26-30 inches wide, and 32-37 inches deep. The weight also varies, with most weighing anything between 15 to 45 pounds.

When deciding on the size, make sure to factor in your space. It should be sufficient to accommodate the chair plus your rocking needs. If you want a multi-purpose rocker, the weight matters—the lighter, the better. That means easier portability from room to room or outdoor to indoors.

Ease of Use

It’s not uncommon to read negative reviews about how difficult a chair is to set up, fold and unfold. The purpose determines the type of rocker that’s suitable for you. For example, a foldable, black rocking chair can be an excellent option when looking for a camping chair. You’ll want to avoid pieces that require a helping hand and special tools to set it up.

Décor Considerations

Black is a bold color but blends perfectly with most backgrounds. So, it’s an excellent option as long as you avoid an overly heavy black theme. Consider adding different colored accessories like cushions, pillows, side tables, and ottomans for balance, comfort, and vibrance.


The best rocking chair for you must be durable. Often, durability, the purpose, and the type of material used go hand in hand. If looking for an outdoor piece, choosing an all-weather rocking chair is smart. A plastic black rocking chair might not be a great idea for the fireplace. If you want a wooden piece, hardwood can be a better choice than softwood, especially if you’ll place it outside.

Other Suggestions

If you love black, love our reviews, and still want more alternatives, this section is dedicated to you. Below are additional suggestions for black rocking chairs.

vidaXL Outdoor Rocking Chair Black Poly Rattan

What about a multi-purpose oval rocking chair in black? That’s the exact description of the vidaXL outdoor chair. You can place it on the patio, living room, or garden.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this rocker features a weather-resistant, waterproof PE rattan material. In addition, the frame is made from a powder-coated steel frame. So, it’s not only easy to clean, but it’s also a stable, handsome black rocking chair.

A&L Furniture Co. Marlboro 3pc. Rocking Chair Set

This 3-set Amish piece comprises two rocking chairs and an accompanying foldable oval side table. All three pieces are made from carefully selected knot-free durable yellow pine. In addition, the chairs feature contoured seats, a design that’s synonymous with comfort.

As the name hints, this set features the Marlboro design. It’s a unique design that’s both handsome and a great addition to any space. In addition, a soy-based plus 100% acrylic exterior paint finish will ensure that the set remains as good as new. So, no need to worry about peeling, flaking, and repainting budgets. Lastly, you can order finished or unfinished pieces. Remember, this set is never pre-assembled.

International Caravan San Tropez Resin Wicker Rocker

For $319.99, you can get this all-weather UV-resistant resin wicker material rocker. It’s a perfect outdoor rocker that’s lightweight and easy to maintain. The beautiful design will sit well with your patio garden or porch, or lawn. Since it comprises a wide frame and can handle weights of up to 300 pounds, it’s a perfect option if you’re looking for a heavy-duty outdoor rocker.

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