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12 Best Leather Rocking Chairs (Modern and Vintage)

Just like wine, leather gets better with age. Little wonder leather items are often priced higher. In addition, leather is durable, easy to maintain, and soft to touch. That being said, investing in a leather rocking chair can be a decision you’ll not regret.

So, let go of your old rocking chair for now since we’ve prepared a great collection of wonderful rocking chairs made from leather. Some fantastic pieces include home-theater seating, leather rocking chair plus vintage rocking chairs for that mid-century theme you’ve been yearning for.  Modern leather rocking chairs haven’t been left out either.

Editor’s Pick: The Best Overall Leather Rocking Chair

Editor's Pick
Comhoma's Modern Heated Leather Recliner Rocker (360 Degree Swivel + Drink Holders)

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The 12 Best Leather Rocking Chairs: Side-By-Side Comparison

Belleze Faux Leather Rocker

Best for napping

+Easy assembly
+Reclines, swivels, and rocks
+Generous size
+Sturdy, durable construction

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Pawnova PU Leather Chair

Most versatile

+High-quality soft sofa fillings
+Waist heating mechanism
+Eight massage vibration points

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Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker with Heated Massage

Editor’s Choice/Best Overall

+Excellent lumbar support
+Zero gravity regulation
+Modern style
+Smooth whisper-quiet rocking and swivel motion

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Qaba 20″ Kids PU Leather Rocking Chair

Best Leather Rocking Chair For Kids

+Easy to clean PU leather upholstery
+Side pockets for storage
+Thick cushioning

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Divano Roma Furniture Bonded Leather Overstuffed Recliner Chair

Best bonded leather rocker

+Overstuffed seat and backrest
+Comfy pillow top armrests
+Reclines and rocks
+Sturdy metal and hardwood frame

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Flash Furniture Plush Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner

Best manually operated

+Well stuffed headrest, seat, and armrests
+Supports up to 250 pounds
+Rocks and reclines
+Easy to assemble

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Relaxzen Rocker Recliner

Best for lumbar support

+Deep plush cushioning
+Provides vibration massage
+Heavyweight chair (holds up to 300 pounds)
+Easily reclines
+Smooth rocking motion

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Janoray Leather Rocking Chair Mid Century Chair

Best Vintage Leather Rocking Chair

+Beautiful vintage design
+Smooth rocking motion
+Heavy-duty rocker (holds up to 300 pounds)
+Available in different colors

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ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair with Speaker

Best Leather Rocking Chair with Home Theatre Seating

+8-point massage system
+Includes Bluetooth speakers
+Four modes vibration massage

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The CIMOTA Leather Modern Rocking Chair Mid Century Armchair

Best For Outdoor/Indoor

+Unique mid-back design
+3″ thickly padded seat cushion
+High back

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Haotian New Relax Rocking Chair

Best Budget Leather Rocker

+Smooth rocking motion
+Spacious side storage bags
+Easy-to-maintain PU leather upholstery
+Padded seat, backrest, and footrest

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Perry 40.5” Wide Genuine Leather Manual Rocker Standard Recliner

Great Option

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Choosing the Best Leather Rocking Chair: Factors & Criteria

There are different types of leather upholstered chairs. Some feature genuine leather; others are made of various forms of faux leather-like PU leather. The designs are equally varied. So, a buying guide is essential to help you make a quick but intelligent buying decision..

Check on Comfort

Comfort is your number one consideration when hunting for a leather rocking chair. Some of the essential attributes include:

  • Generously padded seat, back, foot, and armrests.
  • A wide seat and backrest
  • Easy to close leg rest
  • Easy-to-control recline, swivel, and rocking functions
  • Smooth rocking leg construction
  • Excellent lumbar and neck support

Maintenance Considerations

Often, the best rocking chairs made from leather are pretty easy to maintain. However, some designs might require some bit of attention. For instance, wood is susceptible to scratches. So, repainting is essential to keep it looking good. It’s worth mentioning that water-resistant pieces can be great easy-maintenance rockers.

The Frame Material

With proper maintenance, leather upholstery can last long. However, it’s advisable to look for a chair featuring high-quality leather upholstery alongside a sturdy, robust, durable frame material. Otherwise, you’ll soon be back at the stores looking for a replacement.

In-Depth Best Leather Rocking Chairs Reviews

Best for Napping: BELLEZE Faux Leather Rocker

Star Rating 3.9/5

Stand out Features

  • Padding between leg rest and seat
  • Spins even when reclined
  • Swivel and non-swivel option

Pros and Cons


  • Easy assembly
  • Reclines, swivels, and rocks
  • Generous size
  • Sturdy, durable construction


  • Not ideal for tall people
  • Lacks a headrest

Our In-Depth Review of the Pawnova PU Leather Chair

This leather upholstered chair is sturdy and durable. Thanks to the metal and wooden frame, which offers stability whether you are rocking, swiveling, or reclining. Further, it’s wide and comprises overstuffed back, seat, and arm areas. So, you’ve got support in all the necessary places.

On top of that, more comfort comes from the uniquely designed footrest. A full chaise pad between the mainframe and footstool delivers more comfort whenever you feel like putting up your feet. Therefore,  this leather upholstered rocking chair can be your favorite napping place in the living room.

Lastly, this leather rocking chair requires set-up. However, the packaging is often small enough to fit through a standard door. Rest assured that putting it up is also straightforward. In about 5 minutes, your leather padded rocking chair will be ready for use.

Most Versatile Leather Rocking Chair: The Pawnova PU Leather Chair

Star Rating 3.9/5

Stand out Features

  • High-quality soft sofa fillings
  • Waist heating mechanism
  • Eight massage vibration points

Pros and Cons


  • Rocks, reclines, and swivels
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Excellent lumbar and neck support


  • Slightly stiff leg rest

Our In-Depth Review of the Pawnova PU Leather Chair

This is one of the most versatile leather rocking chairs you can find out there. First, you can use it in the study room and beat away exhaustion while reading a book. Note, the chair has a side pocket for placing your reading materials and other essentials.  Second, you can recline or rock on it in the living room and watch your favorite episode. Meanwhile, you don’t have to hold your cup since the chair comprises two beverage holders on either armrest.

Third, the Pawnova PU leather chair comprises outstanding features in order to deliver maximum comfort. The high backrest has a wide padded headrest, and you’ll also love the equally over padded seat and leg rest. Though firm, this sofa comprises a soft filling beneath the durable PU leather upholstery. So, you can sink in and choose how you’d like to enjoy your free time. Remember, you’ve even eight vibrating massage points. That’s the real meaning of freedom in the modern leather rocking chairs space.

Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker with Heated Massage: The Best Leather Rocking Chair (Editor’s Pick)

Star rating: 4.0/5

Stand out Features

  • Massage and heat features
  • Push back recline mechanism
  • Comprises cup holders
  • Ergonomic design

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Zero gravity regulation
  • Modern style
  • Affordable
  • Smooth whisper-quiet rocking and swivel motion


  • Assembly required
  • Faux leather requires a bit of maintenance

Our In-Depth Review of the Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker

If you’ve been looking for an ergonomic leather upholstered quality chair specifically for your living room relaxation needs, here’s a winner. The Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair will offer you various options to relax while watching your favorite program or taking some refreshments. By the way, the chair features two drink holders on either side to help you rest to the max.

It’s an easy-to-use piece of furniture with message remote control features. In other words, all that’s required is to ensure it’s powered in order to regulate its zero-gravity feature, turn on any of the five massage options, or the lumbar heat function.

Besides, this superb chair is made to swivel at 360 degrees and recline at 150 degrees. At the same time, the rocking motions are pretty smooth, and it won’t tip over. So.  You can confidently sink in the soft, generously full chaise seat, lean back, and choose how you’d like the chair to relieve the day’s exhaustion. And, it’s a very affordable piece when compared with similar products from competitors.

Best Leather Rocking Chair For Kids: Qaba 20″ Kids PU Leather Rocking Chair

Star Rating 4.4/5

Stand out Features

  • Easy to clean PU leather upholstery
  • Side pockets for storage
  • Thick cushioning

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth rocking motions
  • Excellent back support
  • Stable rocker (doesn’t tip over)


  • Rocks too easily

Our In-Depth Review of the Qaba 20″ Kids PU Leather Rocking Chair

For less than $100, your little one will have a place where they can play games, rock away through their free time, play with their favorite toys, eat snacks and just have fun. Since this leather rocking chair is made of PU leather, cleaning it is easy. Simply wipe the chair with a piece of damp cloth, and if you like, leather cleaners are also available.

The solid swivel base provides much-needed stability. It’s also durable and efficiently delivers a smooth back and forth rocking motion. On the flip side, the easy to rock feature might mean a little struggle when your child is perching. Nonetheless, it’s made with safety in mind; therefore, it won’t tip over.

Further, the sturdy wood frame and a weight limit of 220 pounds means this chair can be used for extended periods. The best part is your kid can use it in the playroom, bedroom, or den. It’s a pretty versatile leather upholstered rocker.

Best Bonded Leather Rocking Chair: Divano Roma Furniture Bonded Leather Overstuffed Recliner Chair

Star Rating 3.8/5

Stand out Features

  • Extra-wide design
  • Convenient adjustment handle
  • Reclines flat

Pros and Cons


  • Overstuffed seat and backrest
  • Comfy pillow top armrests
  • Reclines and rocks
  • Sturdy metal and hardwood frame


  • Assembly required

Our In-Depth Review of the Divano Roma Furniture Bonded Leather Overstuffed Recliner Chair

The Divano Roma Furniture recliner is pretty easy to set up—a few minutes will be enough to set it up single-handedly.

What’s more it is built to last, you can depend on this chair for many days of comfortable rocking or reclining. After all, it comprises a metal and hardwood frame—one of the materials that can withstand extended periods of use.

The comfy pillow-top armrests are overstuffed for comfort. You’ll also love the equally soft padded backrest, seat, and a convenient adjustment lever on the side of this modern leather padded rocking chair.

The rocker is best suited for living room relaxation needs. Regrettably, it lacks color variety. Nonetheless, the available brown easily blends with many backgrounds.

Best Manually Operated Leather Rocking Chair: Flash Furniture Plush Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner

Star Rating 3.2/5

Stand out Features

  • Comprises CAL 117 fire retardant foam
  • Bustle back cushions

Pros and Cons


  • Well stuffed headrest, seat, and armrests
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Rocks and reclines
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not ideal for the over 6″ group
  • Lacks a locking mechanism

Our In-Depth Review of the Flash Furniture Plush Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner

This might not be an ideal option if you’re over 6″ or want a leather rocking chair with locking mechanisms. If you don’t mind those two cons, then you can consider this rocking chair made from faux leather.

Just like the name suggests, it’s a plush piece that’ll help you relax to the max. Thanks to the overstuffed backrest, seat, and armrest. In other words, adequate support for the necessary parts is assured. Besides a smooth rocking motion, it easily reclines. Although it’s manually operated, the adjustment lever is conveniently located on the side.

Best for Lumbar Support: Relaxzen Rocker Recliner

Star Rating 3.7/5

Stand out Features

  • Includes eight vibration motors
  • Ergo hand control
  • Five intensity levels
  • Nine massage modes

Pros and Cons


  • Deep plush cushioning
  • Provides vibration massage
  • Heavyweight chair (holds up to 300 pounds)
  • Easily reclines
  • Smooth rocking motion


  • Footrest requires a bit of effort to back it down

Our In-Depth Review of the Relaxzen Rocker Recliner

Say goodbye to soreness by turning on the vibration massage feature or lean back and rest from the day’s busy schedule. If you like, you can also recline, kick up your feet, and nap. Or would you prefer smooth, consistent rocking motions? That’s also provided for with each purchase of the Relaxzen leather rocking chair.

Also, there are eight vibration motors to relax the upper and lower back, plus the thighs. In addition, its design and color variety makes for an irresistible residential-use leather upholstered rocking chair.

More also, if you’re overweight or looking for a multi-function chair, then you’re researching the right product. The Relaxzen Rocker Recliner can hold weight limits of 300 pounds. So, you can invest in one and forget about buying several dedicated leather rocking chairs.

Best Vintage Leather Rocking Chair: Janoray Leather Rocking Chair Mid Century Chair

Star Rating 4.7/5

Stand out Features

  • Water-proof PU leather upholstery
  • Sturdy wood frame
  • High resilience foam filling cushions

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful vintage design
  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Heavy-duty rocker (holds up to 300 pounds)
  • Available in different colors


  • Doesn’t recline nor swivel

Our In-Depth Review of the Janoray Leather Rocking Chair Mid Century Chair

At a glance, you can easily pass the Janoray Leather Rocking Chair as a feeble piece of furniture. However, it’s a strong chair that can comfortably hold weights of up to 300 pounds. Thanks to the sturdy rubberwood frame.

It’s also made to last and is one of the low-maintenance chairs you can find in the best vintage leather rocking chairs space. Besides the solid wooden frame, the backrest and seat comprise high resilient foam, upholstered on easy to clean, water-proof PU leather. Therefore, it can be an ideal choice if all you want is a heavy-duty faux leather rocking chair in the category of minimalist designs.

Best Leather Rocking Chair with Home Theatre Seating: ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair with Speaker

Star Rating 3.9/5

Stand out Features

  • 8-point massage system
  • Includes Bluetooth speakers
  • Four modes vibration massage

Pros and Cons


  • Modern design
  • Reclines, swivels, and rocks
  • Push back recliner mechanism
  • Plush seat, back, and leg rest


  • Assembly is required

Our In-Depth Review of the ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair with Speaker

It’s no longer just about sinking into a generously stuffed rocking chair. You can now enjoy a home theatre setting as you recline, rock or swivel, and that’s one of the unique features found in this modern leather rocking chair. For that to happen, the chair includes a built-in Blue-tooth speaker. Besides, you can turn on the vibration features and kick out exhaustion and soreness.

It’s also loaded with several convenient features. First, you’ve got a storage bag to store a few essentials. If you’d like some beverage, two cup-holders are already available to free your hands for moments of excellent rest. Lastly, an internal pull handle will help you easily recline the chair to different angles.

Best Outdoor/Indoor Leather Reclining Chair: The CIMOTA Leather Modern Rocking Chair Mid Century Armchair

Star Rating 5.0/5

Stand out Features

  • Unique mid-back design
  • 3″ thickly padded seat cushion
  • High back

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to clean PU leather upholstery
  • Loop feet rocker for ultimate relaxation
  • Large seat
  • Sturdy hardwood frame


  • Doesn’t recline

Our In-Depth Review of the CIMOTA Leather Modern Rocking Chair Mid Century Armchair

Mid-century inspired pieces have been gaining traction in the recent past. So, why not join the bandwagon by investing in this simplistic vintage leather rocker from Cimota? It’s among the outrageously low-priced PU leather upholstered rocking chairs.

Recall, PU leather is soft therefore will treat your skin with the kindness it deserves. It’s also an easy-to-clean material and doesn’t easily stain. Further, this leather rocking chair is made to offer stability through the hardwood base. The loop feet rocker construction helps to relax your whole body through continuous smooth rocking motion.

Additional comfort comes from the 3″ thickly padded firm cushions and a high backrest, making it  a great rocking chair for the nursery room, study room,, living room, courtyard or balcony.

Best Budget Leather Rocker: Haotian New Relax Rocking Chair    

Star Rating 5.0/5

Stand out Features

  • Easy to remove cushion covers
  • Sturdy birch wood frame
  • Five-way adjustable footrest
  • Includes protective self-adhesive mat on the legs

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Spacious side storage bags
  • Easy-to-maintain PU leather upholstery
  • Padded seat, backrest, and footrest


  • Lacks color variety
  • Doesn’t recline or swivel

Our In-Depth Review of the Haotian New Relax Rocking Chair Lounge Chair

Do you  dislike complex modern designs? Here is an ideal leather rocking chair for you, the Haotian rocking chair. Its minimalist design includes a sturdy frame made from birch wood that’ll deliver uninterrupted whisper-quiet smooth rocking motions. You’ll also appreciate the protective self-adhesive mat on each of the legs—your floor is adequately protected against scratches.

The comfy headrest will provide an ideal place to place your head and just rest. If you want to take your ease, you’ve five-way adjustable leg rest, all for yourself.

Lastly, enjoy convenience by leveraging the spacious side storage bag. Place your books, magazines, remote controls, and other small items within reach. Read, watch a movie, lean back in silence, and rest or simply keep rocking.

The Leather Rocking Chairs Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Leather Rocking Chair For You

When you think about a leather upholstered rocking chair, what really comes to your mind? Probably, a high-end or minimalist vintage leather rocking chair that you’ll sink into and forget the day’s exhaustion. And what else?

1. It pays to consider the purpose of the rocker? For instance, if the rocker will be used by an older person, or someone recovering from surgery, or a disabled person, make sure to choose an easy-to-operate piece. You’ll want to avoid manual rockers since they need some effort to use them.

2. Consider the size too. If you’re in the tall and big category, a high back leather rocking chair is the way to go. Also, scrutinize the footrest. You wouldn’t want to have your feet hanging off in an uncomfortable position. Would you?

3. In addition, think about the color. The best leather rocking chairs are often available in different colors. Alternatively, they might lack color variety but will feature one or two colors that blend with most themes and backgrounds. So, it’s best also to look up the available colors to help you select an appropriate leather upholstered chair.

Other Suggestions

If you liked the above leather rocking chairs  but are looking for something different, here is a great option.

Perry 40.5” Wide Genuine Leather Manual Rocker Standard Recliner

The genuine leather gives this chair a classic finish besides offering you a peaceful place to rock, recline or swivel. It’s also a quiet, easy-to-control piece ideal for someone recovering from a fracture, surgery, or those battling chronic back pain.

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